03. VGA Cable Honglin Male to Male FT1

VGA Cable Honglin Male to Male FT1  


1. 15-pin VGA cable Double shielded magnet 1 m VGA cable original VGA cable male to male
2. Interface: 15-pin for 15 (all male)
3. Line Body: black blue head double is more thin than ordinary VGA cable
4. Length: 1 m
5. Features: to ensure a clearer display; international quality, workmanship is excellent.
6. Purpose: to extend the monitor connected to the computer, LCD projector
7. Master for extended display (D-SUB / 15 holes Interface) and graphics (D-SUB / 15 holes Interface) connection

Buy More at Shop : https://goo.gl/CYAhVz

Buy More at Shop : https://goo.gl/CYAhVz

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